Only one of all my disgusting Sad Love Poems

Sad Love Poems

I changed your lies

For all my delusions

Thy throne of dirt

For peace away from you.

The insanity in my eyes

It is the freedom from your claws

The chains that bind me

Are the same as me cuddling

On a sunny morning

Without your sickly aura

That only presenteava

Torpe asphyxiation.

I foresee your missteps

suppress address

Regurgitate the promises

And I forget them

Goes down the drain

Your infamous rot

Your ego in manure

Abject heart

Goes down the drain

Your cold insanity

Your skin and good time

By rats rejected.

Guide them you memories

As soil nightmares

Already I go on

Free of your insanities

Abscesses and ichor

And leave you these verses

As a beautiful and romantic

Sad Love Poem.